String Swing DS-CC01V Wall Mount Violin Hanger (Oak)

Item # DS-CC01V

The String Swing Guitar Hanger features exclusive tubing that will not mark the finish on your instrument - Guaranteed! Its hardwood construction looks fantastic and is built to last. The yoke pivots to hold any type of headstock and is adjustable to any width. This hanger will display wide or narrow body instruments. This is an outstanding buy for the price. All components of this hanger are of excellent quality, and it was very easy to install.

Violin does not rest on tuners! Instead, the violin will rest on the heel of the scroll. 

Bow holder included.

Displays 1/8, 1/4, & 1/2 violins & 12" viola.

Wood block is made of authentic North American hardwood.

Available in four species of hardwood. 

**Natural wood color may vary.**

A= 4"

B= 1.875"

C= 3.875"

D= 1.75"

The box contains a block, yoke, 2 screws and 2 drywall anchors

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