Huntington AMP-G3 3 Watt Mini Amp

Item # AMP-G3

The Huntington 3 watt travel amplifier is the smallest of the notable collection from the brand. It features the two basic controls: Gain and Volume. This awesome little guy comes at an amazing price at top notch quality and makes practice sessions really fun! It is perfect for beginners, students, as well as teachers who want to play for their students when they visit without having to lug around a big heavy amp. Powered by a 9V battery so it is made to be taken around and can be used practically anywhere! It has a long strap so it can be worn around the neck along with a belt clip so it can be strapped to your waist. This is truly the perfect accessory for learning and teaching musicians!

Watts 3
Controls Gain, Volume
Headphones ¼" Jack
Power  9V Battery

**Strap Included

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